Monday, March 30, 2009

Social Networking = Successful Business

I cannot count how many times in the last several weeks I have had the same conversation with friends/colleagues/clients, about this REVOLUTION we are experiencing called SOCIAL NETWORKING. Highly addictive, time consuming & all encompassing, but FREE. Above all else & most importantly, we are creating the relationships that small businesses from generations ago THRIVED on.....ALL THROUGH THE INTERNET. Now we are all comparable to the family run corner store in Smalltown, Anywhere; with repeat clients, growing & evolving businesses & a plethora of relationships to lean upon for advice.

Some may question the authenticity of these new "relationships"; how can we really KNOW if so & so will be true to their word, or if they are who they say they are. I can tell you that in my experience so far, I have not once had to question anyone's integrity & that is because I am sure of my own. I think in this crazy world, this new type of "doing business" is EXACTLY what we have been waiting for; a human connection, a link to all corners of the world & a sense of FRIENDSHIP FIRST. Build the relationships & you will build your business. PERIOD.

We are right on the money here. So kudos all the truly great people I have recently "met" on any one of several social networking sites, & especially the ones who have gone above & beyond to research something for me, open a door, offer advice, or simply say good morning, with a smile. Do I question the integrity of the "relationships" with these people who in some minds might be considered "strangers"?
Not for a moment. In fact, they would be welcome in my living room anytime.

So put yourself out there a bit, we are NOT all after the same thing, there is success for everyone who works for it. In helping one another, we are helping ourselves, tenfold. Add a friend today, or say hello to someone, start a conversation, or revisit an old connection that you've let run cold, this is what it is all about. And this is just the beginning!