Sunday, October 25, 2009

Giving Back

Another Sunday, another busy day crossing off my never ending "to-do" list. I always get so much done on Sundays since my husband is home & loves to take the kids out for the day while I work. However our oldest child has the flu today & our youngest just wants to bounce off the walls with boredom, so my normal quiet work routine is a little off balance today!

Lucky for me, I am working on an incredible & very rewarding charitable project that I just can't wait to bring to life. The energy, excitement & joy in doing something for others is an unparalleled feeling and anyone that know me knows that I am a person who craves all the warm fuzzies in life. I am pretty sure there is a glow around me today that can be seen from space.

Whether it is in your everyday life or within your business there is ALWAYS a way to give back; numerous ways even. It doesn't always have to cost money; sometimes only time, or a little piece of yourself, which is always given back tenfold. It feels GREAT, it changes your perspectives, it allows you to count your own blessings & it contributes to the world in a way that only YOU, unique, one of a kind you, can do.

So give it a try today. It won't take long to come up with someone, or something that matters to you that could use a helping hand in some way, however small. Think outside of the box & dive right in with passion. You'll be amazed at the distinct shift in everything you do when you give of yourself.

I can't wait to share more about our secret Baby Rhys "giving back" brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Although for our American friends, Thanksgiving is still a month away, here in Canada this is our weekend to be thankful. I think this holiday is one that should be celebrated every day, in some small way, for without thanks in our lives, there is so much overlooked & under appreciated.

As with any holiday, children have a way of bringing the magic & true feeling of the occasion to life. Ask a 7 year old boy what he is thankful for & he'll kindly answer that is is thankful for his mommy & daddy, his sister & his star wars toys...oh and "by the way mom, we DO NOT need such a big house, some people don't even HAVE a house". Isn't that that truth my sweet son. And for the record we don't have a big house, but we have a warm, loving family HOME that I am so thankful for.

Ask a 5 year old girl what she is thankful for & she'll tell you that she is glad to have a big brother, a mommy who can stay home for the important things in her life & a daddy that will dance, sing or dress up for her. Oh and she is thankful for Hannah Montana. Aren't we all?!

For me, apart from the HUGE things like health of my loved ones, a roof over our heads, enough food to eat & happy friends & family, there are other things I am thankful for too. A holiday like this reminds me that being thankful is not only important, but good for the soul.

I am thankful that I get up every morning & LOVE WHAT I DO. That all of the little facets of things that make me happy would be nothing without the job that I love, my commitment to every step forward we take with Baby Rhys & even the ones we take backwards, where one door closes & a window opens in it's place.

So no matter what part of the world you live in, try to take a bit of time each day to remember what you're thankful for, don't wait for the holiday to do it.
It is amazing just how many opportunities & joy come our way when we are grateful.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not by a long shot

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine whom I respect & admire deeply & it was something she said that I have to share with you.
This woman is amazing. Incredibly smart, business savvy, & one of the best mother's I know, an all around beautiful soul.

So imagine my surprise when discussing a possible break for her company in the form of some HUGE publicity, she said to me: "It's such a long shot". Now, knowing my friend, I understand that this was more of a protective mechanism incase it doesn't pan out & also just part of her very humble, down to earth personality as never one to boast, but it really got me thinking.

"It's such a long shot".

I wonder if SHE sees in her mirror; the person I see when I sit across from her, the person EVERYONE around her sees. Does she know that she is inspiring on so many levels & that the sky is her limit? That people in all walks of life look up to her & admire what she has accomplished & who she is? That her "long shot" will be a SURE SHOT if she believes it will be? Does she realize that this dream she has really is within her immediate reach? I hope she'll read this & knows it now.

Am I done telling her every single day that is not only a POSSIBILITY, but closer to REALITY than she knows.....
Not by a long shot :)