Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perfect Timing

Isn't it amazing that the very mention of a topic can often bring it about, almost instantly.
Take last week as an example, on the topic of SHARING. A great topic any day; for many aspects in life, but particularly enchanting at this time of year as we enter the holiday season.

Well, call it a coincidence, or the law of attraction, or plain perfect timing, but just as soon as I posted that article, we at Baby Rhys were introduced to a company who agrees that the act of SHARING applies to business as well.

Natural Pod ( ) and all the wonderful members of their team have decided that Baby Rhys (and OUR wonderful team!) would be able to share in some of our collective knowledge & contacts to collaborate. Imagine our mutual glee at the fact that our 2 successful businesses could offer something to the other in order to help GROW that success. It really is THAT simple. As small as this world feels sometimes, the roads that each business takes, although intersecting, are rarely after the same things. The wealth of knowledge we can offer each other to pave the road to success in turn helps us reach our greatest heights.

So if I've said in a hundred times, I'll say it again. SHARE. In life, in business & of YOURSELF.
The rewards are priceless.

Now check out our BABY RHYS GEAR & all the other wonderful products Natural Pod carries & SHARE this with your friends :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


As a mother of young kids, the subject of SHARING always comes up. When they were very small it revolved around favorite toys or treats, or who's turn it was to "help" with a task. Now although we still work on all those original lessons, we have evolved into sharing our special thoughts & feelings & sharing our LIVES. Each night at dinner we share our "best & worst" things about that day. It is my favorite part of each day; my kids are growing up so fast & what they have to say is maturing as they find their way in the world. I am just fascinated by their little personalities. I hope this will begin a lifetime of sharing their lives with us & that they ALWAYS know we are a "safe place" to do so, no matter what.

I can see the amazing parallels of sharing in business as well. We all have things that we are good at, information that others don't have easy access to & knowledge that can help someone else. Just as we tell the kids, "
Go ahead & SHARE, no one is going to STEAL your stuff", this applies to business as well. Everyone has different goals, separate agenda's, diverse dreams & unique offerings that they bring to the table. The ones who will reach their own success the fastest are the ones that SHARE with others. It is a simple concept that we are constantly teaching our young children, so why then would it not apply to our WORK lives.

Give it a try; what do YOU have, whether it is knowledge, a contact, a way to open a door for another, or simply TIME, that you could share with another......
You might be surprised with all of the people that will then share with you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is REMEMBRANCE DAY here in Canada; such an important day for all of us, although it seems too many people FORGET that it is so much more than just a day off in the middle of the week.

Apart from wearing our poppies proudly, attending the special ceremony at school & watching the coverage from our nation's capitol, we are trying to teach our children about today's importance, without scaring them. It is amazing how scary it is to simply TALK about the reasons of this day; we cannot even imagine actually LIVING them.

Experience is all relative; they are scared of the monster under the bed, or of Mommy or Daddy not being there every minute of every day, but thankfully they have not had to be directly scared of war so far in their young lives. We hope they never have to be.

So today WE REMEMBER. In a lot of ways it is much easier to think of it with a child's simplicity & so here is what MY CHILDREN are remembering on this day & always:

- We remember that we are so blessed to be FREE & grateful to those who have allowed us that gift.
- We remember to show our deep love & pride for this beautiful country while still respecting the rest of the world.
- We remember to be kind to ALL & practice PEACE everyday.
- We remember all of those; past, present & future, that fight & even die, in order that we may live in peace.

I remember holding my hands over my first very pregnant belly & wondering aloud, on Sept 11th, 2001 as the World Trade Center towers came crashing down,"What am I doing bringing children into this crazy world?!"
Now I look at that list above that my children helped write & think how could I NOT have brought these precious gifts of true PEACE into the world. Peace lies in each of our hands, just ask a child.