Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here!

Well, it is about time! It seems like we just experienced the loooongest winter in history, followed by a non-existent spring & now maybe, just MAYBE, we have arrived at summer.

So, now that we wished for it, what are we going to do with it!?

The kids are done school in a couple of days, the sun is shining & we have some wonderfully exciting things happening with Baby Rhys! Now all we have to do is figure out the dynamics of doing an enormous amount of business during the summer months, with kids in tow!
Although it is always a delicate balance (or for most of us anything BUT delicate!) to juggle motherhood, life & business, the summer brings a whole new set of challenges & hurdles to overcome.

All of the things we have worked hard to accomplish over the never-ending winter is now starting to bear it's what I really need to do now is sit back for a few minutes, enjoy the fruit salad (and perhaps a glass of vino!) to figure out how to keep that balance running smoothly!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What's in a name?

Over the last several months, while searching & connecting on various social networking sites I have been thinking about how us mom-preneurs differ from other entrepreneurs. There are the obvious things, like how most of us are always juggling the kids between & around our business ventures, and how there is never enough time in the day. Most of us are also a "Jill of all trades" from accounting, creating, packaging, selling & attempting to run a thousand other facets of our company.

But one thing has stood out to me as unique & endearing in a way only a mother could understand. NAMES. No, not the names of our most precious cargo, our children, but of our businesses.
Take Baby Rhys for example, it was named after Pam's (our CEO) first born son. From the birth of her most incredible gift, to the beginning of another dream, Baby Rhys Adventure Gear has deep MEANING on many levels. It was aptly named since the idea for our funky yet practical line, was inspired by wee Rhys himself, after becoming a world traveller (with mom & dad of course!) at the early age of 9 months. And our success has much to do with the fact that the SAME passion that drives us as mother's, also drives the business.

So many moms are using this platform for naming their business. And why not?! What could possibly inspire greater success & make more dreams come true, than a name or likeness of our children. Some moms have found clever ways to use alliteration, rhyming words, or their child's favorite sayings, even nickname's......
It is unlike any other industry.
And just as we wear our heart on our sleeve as Mommy's, our businesses reflect that love & committment as well. Just one more great thing about being an entrepreneur who is always a mom first.
I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here.