Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Rhys: Making our mark internationally!

What an EXCITING summer this has been here at Baby Rhys!! In addition to the crazy non-routine of the summer; with holidays, moves & KIDS home from school for 2 months, the wheels have certainly not stopped turning where Baby Rhys is concerned. In fact, it has been our busiest summer to date & with good reason!

Our biggest & most exciting news is the NATIONAL RECOGNITION we received in an amazing article in the well known & popular magazine "The Mompreneur". You absolutely cannot miss this!!

Click the link here & type page 52 in to the top left page finder:

With all of our direct experience with international manufacturing & sales, it was so wonderful to be featured & interviewed by The Mompreneur magazine......and we know there will be much more positive press in the months & years to come, so stay tuned!

Happy Reading!
We would love to hear comments/feedback on the article or any aspect of Baby Rhys Adventure Gear. One of the best things about our company is that you will ALWAYS get a real person in your dealings with us, we take pride in that.