Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does Life get any better....

......than that of a true blue mompreneur?!

I would argue with those that disagree.

I have been home since my first child was born, which is now 7.5 years ago & although I have WORKED every moment of those years, I have truly had the best of all worlds. Challenging? For sure. Frustrating, crazy, insane, whirlwind? Of course. But also exciting, interesting, evolving, flexible & fun. My kids are just now understanding that I "work" & I think that is so neat. Because they have always been my number one priority, in their tiny minds they hadn't even realized that I have been "working" virtually all along.

My son once told me "I wish you had a cool job like a police officer or a bus driver like Haylie's parents" & was at first saddened that he didn't think MY job had that COOL factor. Then I realized he just didn't know that I HAD a job, other than being a Mommy. To me the fact that I am actually pulling off the difficult task of harmony between my roles so well that my kids are unaffected (even though I am frantic at times, thinking I am failing!) was an incredible feeling of accomplishment. When I explained to my son that I thought I had the coolest job of all, being a mommy AND working from home, and all the things that go along with that delicate balance, he soon understood the big picture.
Now that they are a bit older I have made both of my kids part of my work world; getting them to do small tasks to help out while still taking the time to truly enjoy the moments in our lives. I am proudly back on my son's "cool" list! And I think just as I learn from them everyday, my children are learning a great deal from this true blue mompreneur.

Now THIS is the life!