Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Ok, so spring wasn't entirely here, but at least it is showing some signs of arrival! Still no snow, thank goodness & more & more green blades of grass peaking through the brown, just not as warm as we'd all like. I certainly can't complain though!

One thing that is beautiful this weekend, is the arrival of Easter. Such a colorful, fun & meaningful holiday for many & the timing of it in April this year, makes it all the better. I find myself very reflective this Easter; grateful for so many things in my life & humbled by some amazing changes & people I have encountered. I really have so much.

The joy on the childrens' faces with the impending arrival of the Easter Bunny is icing on the cake. At 8 & 6 I often worry that it may be the last year they both "believe", but then I remember that magic is all around us, every single day, if only we are open to it. I still believe.

Happy Easter to all of you!
Enjoy your Adventures this holiday & be a little part of the magic for someone else!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I saw green grass today. On my OWN lawn! Could it be? Dare I say it? Is SPRING beginning to show her beautiful face?!

With the baby's recent arrival & the excitement of our brand new WALL ORGANIZER, whether or not spring is actually here remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure; CHANGE is in the air.

From the birds chirping outside my window to the smiles & collective sighs of passers by, the changes we see at this time of year are all around us. What a wonderful time to dream big, embark on new dreams & re-energize some of the old ones....Spring/Summer 2010 is going to be FULL of ADVENTURES!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He is HERE!!!

Wow, the day has arrived!! We have just welcomed a wee one into our Baby Rhys family, in the form of a precious baby boy, the 4th for our President/CEO, Pam. I can't begin to express my excitement at lil "B"'s arrival! I always tell Pam she is a living saint, to be mommy to 4 boys, all while running this incredible company, Baby Rhys Adventure Gear. Also an incredible friend, wife, sister, daughter & many more titles; she certainly has a full dance card!

With B's arrival there are so many great things in store for us personally & as a team! A birth is the reminder of what is important, what REALLY matters & how amazing the "little things" can be. Since I am done my child bearing, this new baby is as close to my own as I will get & I am celebrating the miracle of this new little soul.

There are no better words to write here than the words chosen by baby B's Daddy the day before he was born:

I’ve climbed majestic mountains
Up to the top,
Navigated wild rivers
Without a stop.

Dived off jagged cliffs
Into choppy seas,
Marched down lonely roads
Despite injured knees.

Authored stories and books
Done my best to inspire,
Changed what I could
Maintained my fire.

But my finest hour
Was when I became your dad,...
You gave my wife and me
Much more than we had.

I wish we had a saner world
Where kids never died,
Where nice people finished first
And worked side by side.

I wish I could protect you
From all hurt and pain,
So that you always smiled
And remained the same.

But all I can do
Is try to be there,
When you need some help
And you’re gasping for air.

There will be times
When things seem such a mess,
And seems no one can help you
Pass your next test.

But as sure as the stars
If you look up you’ll see,
A silver-lined cloud
With the same name as me.

Congrats to my friends who are so much more like family than even they know.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I can literally TASTE the spring's imminent arrival. With all of the excitement surrounding us with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, our new product development, and a new baby on his way in 2 short weeks, there is just so much SPRING in the air!

Our signature fabrics are also a reminder of spring; BRIGHT & BOLD breathable cotton, fully functional & extremely fashionable for all of the new adventures that begin when the winter melts away. With so many people I know having babies in the coming weeks, I am sure glad I never struggle with what to get them; Baby Rhys Adventure Gear is the only choice. I am so grateful to have such a passion for my "work"; so much so that it never, ever feels like work!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new lil Adventurer

Boy 2010 has sure started off on a great note! The response for Operation RHYSpirit we have received has been so positive & heartwarming. We have heard some personal stories of children decorating their Baby Rhys bandanas in a room full of laughter; it truly does not get any better than that! If you missed our post on Operation RHYSpirit, we donated our banadanas to children's oncology wards across Canada in the months leading up to Christmas & could not be more thrilled to contribute in this small, but unique way. I'd be happy to share more with you if you want to hear all about it, just email me at

We at Baby Rhys are also excitedly awaiting a prototype of our new creation & we're getting set for SPRING CLEANING, adventure style!


An instant hit on so many levels, this piece is as functional as it stylish, just like the rest of our line. It will not only keep your child’s play area organized, it’s fabulous 100% cotton color combinations & wall art design will dazzle you.

This incredible new Baby Rhys product is a 2010 MUST HAVE

Finally & perhaps most exciting of all, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new member of the Baby Rhys family! Pam Liyanage, our beautiful President/CEO is expecting her FOURTH boy in March 2010! BOY OH BOY, there are so many new Adventures to come!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year

Already 2 weeks into 2010; is it just me or does the clock have a habit of gaining speed the older that we get?! I remember when I was a child how a holiday could roll slowly by, the summers were endless & birthdays seem to hold an entire lifetime between them. No longer!

I am happy to welcome 2010; there seems to be many people that are feeling the same way. A new year is always exciting with the possibilities that lie before us & the pain or struggles we leave behind in the previous year. The world is hopefully moving forward from the tough financial woes of 2009 & there is a buzz of new energy in entering a new decade.

Back here, in our own smaller world, things are looking bright indeed!! Baby Rhys is continuing on some familiar paths & also embarking on some new adventures.
We continue to receive such positive feedback from Operation RHYSpirit & are thrilled to be making a difference in childrens lives across our country.
We have also created a brand new, fresh adventure piece; you simply MUST stay tuned to hear more about that! In the same great way we have intertwined function & practicality without sacrificing style, you will see us do it again with this new product!

So Happy New Year everyone! Seize the opportunities & make the best of each new day.