Monday, December 28, 2009

Keeping the Spirit Alive

In years past, I have always had an "after Christmas lull", between Christmas & New Years. There was so much excitement surrounding Christmas, especially once we had children, but when the day was over there was a real sense of the BLAH'S. This year has been completely different.

I have felt a tangible shift in all areas of my life in the last year & especially in the last few months. I know that Operation RHYSpirit has had much to do with that. It is so easy to have an attitude of gratitude when there really is so much to be thankful for. Every where around me, there are reasons to be grateful; from the simple things like the sunshine on my face or the diamonds in the snow after a fresh snowfall, to big things like my childrens health & the true love of my husband. With so much busy-ness in our world, it is easy to forget to slow down & smell the roses, or to be silly & dance in the rain, but it is in those things that we truly LIVE.

It has been a fabulous Christmas, I am looking forward to 2010 & the most incredible gift I received this year was in realizing that I am one of the luckiest people I know. And I plan to make time every single day to remember that by being grateful.

Happy Holidays to All!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Real Hero's

I don't know if it is just the close proximity to Christmas, or if my big, mushy heart has expanded tenfold in the last month, but I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response to Operation RHYSpirit. The people who work with the children's oncology units have been nothing short of amazing; next to the kids themselves, these people are REAL hero's. I cannot imagine a job as difficult, yet so completely rewarding as working with sick kids every day & yet they'll still give you 100% of their attention to outside projects such as ours.

In a short time through phone calls & emails, I have been given a glimpse into a completely different world from which I live, one filled with pain & sadness, but endless strength & a real sense of HOPE. I could not do their job, I know that without a doubt, but I am so grateful there are so many people who can & do, and do it with all of their hearts.

I have been hugging my kids a little tighter since beginning this project, saying "I love you" more often, even enjoying the frigid cold winter air on my face every chance I get; simply enjoying LIFE more. Who knew that a "giving back" project would actually end up being such a gift to my own life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Operation RHYSpirit

We are thrilled to announce our donation of Baby Rhys Bandana Hats for the precious children enduring cancer treatment in our country. What began for us as a small, local charitable idea has proudly expanded to a CANADA WIDE project!

Operation RHYSpirit

You’ll see that we have given a name to our project & we are happy with the multiple meanings it represents. “Rhys” (pronounced Reece) is the name of our President/CEO’s first child & the namesake of our company; so it’s fitting that he should continue to be the inspiration behind our donation. In addition the project is pronounced as “RE-spirit”. Although not a conventional English dictionary word, it implies a giving back to the spirit.

SPIRIT was the very first word that came to our mind when thinking of children; we should all be so blessed to have as much spirit as the sick children who are helped in our hospitals every day.

As mothers of young children ourselves, this project is so close to our hearts. Although we have thankfully never needed the services these hospitals provide & hope to never have to, we remain fully committed to making a difference in this field no matter how small.

We hope that the bright colors of our hats will brighten these brave childrens lives during their most difficult fight & that someday in the not too distant future, cancer will be a thing of the past.

With Warm Hearts,

Pam Liyanage, President/CEO
Kristen Ferguson, Marketing Director

For Baby Rhys Adventure Gear

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perfect Timing

Isn't it amazing that the very mention of a topic can often bring it about, almost instantly.
Take last week as an example, on the topic of SHARING. A great topic any day; for many aspects in life, but particularly enchanting at this time of year as we enter the holiday season.

Well, call it a coincidence, or the law of attraction, or plain perfect timing, but just as soon as I posted that article, we at Baby Rhys were introduced to a company who agrees that the act of SHARING applies to business as well.

Natural Pod ( ) and all the wonderful members of their team have decided that Baby Rhys (and OUR wonderful team!) would be able to share in some of our collective knowledge & contacts to collaborate. Imagine our mutual glee at the fact that our 2 successful businesses could offer something to the other in order to help GROW that success. It really is THAT simple. As small as this world feels sometimes, the roads that each business takes, although intersecting, are rarely after the same things. The wealth of knowledge we can offer each other to pave the road to success in turn helps us reach our greatest heights.

So if I've said in a hundred times, I'll say it again. SHARE. In life, in business & of YOURSELF.
The rewards are priceless.

Now check out our BABY RHYS GEAR & all the other wonderful products Natural Pod carries & SHARE this with your friends :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


As a mother of young kids, the subject of SHARING always comes up. When they were very small it revolved around favorite toys or treats, or who's turn it was to "help" with a task. Now although we still work on all those original lessons, we have evolved into sharing our special thoughts & feelings & sharing our LIVES. Each night at dinner we share our "best & worst" things about that day. It is my favorite part of each day; my kids are growing up so fast & what they have to say is maturing as they find their way in the world. I am just fascinated by their little personalities. I hope this will begin a lifetime of sharing their lives with us & that they ALWAYS know we are a "safe place" to do so, no matter what.

I can see the amazing parallels of sharing in business as well. We all have things that we are good at, information that others don't have easy access to & knowledge that can help someone else. Just as we tell the kids, "
Go ahead & SHARE, no one is going to STEAL your stuff", this applies to business as well. Everyone has different goals, separate agenda's, diverse dreams & unique offerings that they bring to the table. The ones who will reach their own success the fastest are the ones that SHARE with others. It is a simple concept that we are constantly teaching our young children, so why then would it not apply to our WORK lives.

Give it a try; what do YOU have, whether it is knowledge, a contact, a way to open a door for another, or simply TIME, that you could share with another......
You might be surprised with all of the people that will then share with you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is REMEMBRANCE DAY here in Canada; such an important day for all of us, although it seems too many people FORGET that it is so much more than just a day off in the middle of the week.

Apart from wearing our poppies proudly, attending the special ceremony at school & watching the coverage from our nation's capitol, we are trying to teach our children about today's importance, without scaring them. It is amazing how scary it is to simply TALK about the reasons of this day; we cannot even imagine actually LIVING them.

Experience is all relative; they are scared of the monster under the bed, or of Mommy or Daddy not being there every minute of every day, but thankfully they have not had to be directly scared of war so far in their young lives. We hope they never have to be.

So today WE REMEMBER. In a lot of ways it is much easier to think of it with a child's simplicity & so here is what MY CHILDREN are remembering on this day & always:

- We remember that we are so blessed to be FREE & grateful to those who have allowed us that gift.
- We remember to show our deep love & pride for this beautiful country while still respecting the rest of the world.
- We remember to be kind to ALL & practice PEACE everyday.
- We remember all of those; past, present & future, that fight & even die, in order that we may live in peace.

I remember holding my hands over my first very pregnant belly & wondering aloud, on Sept 11th, 2001 as the World Trade Center towers came crashing down,"What am I doing bringing children into this crazy world?!"
Now I look at that list above that my children helped write & think how could I NOT have brought these precious gifts of true PEACE into the world. Peace lies in each of our hands, just ask a child.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Giving Back

Another Sunday, another busy day crossing off my never ending "to-do" list. I always get so much done on Sundays since my husband is home & loves to take the kids out for the day while I work. However our oldest child has the flu today & our youngest just wants to bounce off the walls with boredom, so my normal quiet work routine is a little off balance today!

Lucky for me, I am working on an incredible & very rewarding charitable project that I just can't wait to bring to life. The energy, excitement & joy in doing something for others is an unparalleled feeling and anyone that know me knows that I am a person who craves all the warm fuzzies in life. I am pretty sure there is a glow around me today that can be seen from space.

Whether it is in your everyday life or within your business there is ALWAYS a way to give back; numerous ways even. It doesn't always have to cost money; sometimes only time, or a little piece of yourself, which is always given back tenfold. It feels GREAT, it changes your perspectives, it allows you to count your own blessings & it contributes to the world in a way that only YOU, unique, one of a kind you, can do.

So give it a try today. It won't take long to come up with someone, or something that matters to you that could use a helping hand in some way, however small. Think outside of the box & dive right in with passion. You'll be amazed at the distinct shift in everything you do when you give of yourself.

I can't wait to share more about our secret Baby Rhys "giving back" brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Although for our American friends, Thanksgiving is still a month away, here in Canada this is our weekend to be thankful. I think this holiday is one that should be celebrated every day, in some small way, for without thanks in our lives, there is so much overlooked & under appreciated.

As with any holiday, children have a way of bringing the magic & true feeling of the occasion to life. Ask a 7 year old boy what he is thankful for & he'll kindly answer that is is thankful for his mommy & daddy, his sister & his star wars toys...oh and "by the way mom, we DO NOT need such a big house, some people don't even HAVE a house". Isn't that that truth my sweet son. And for the record we don't have a big house, but we have a warm, loving family HOME that I am so thankful for.

Ask a 5 year old girl what she is thankful for & she'll tell you that she is glad to have a big brother, a mommy who can stay home for the important things in her life & a daddy that will dance, sing or dress up for her. Oh and she is thankful for Hannah Montana. Aren't we all?!

For me, apart from the HUGE things like health of my loved ones, a roof over our heads, enough food to eat & happy friends & family, there are other things I am thankful for too. A holiday like this reminds me that being thankful is not only important, but good for the soul.

I am thankful that I get up every morning & LOVE WHAT I DO. That all of the little facets of things that make me happy would be nothing without the job that I love, my commitment to every step forward we take with Baby Rhys & even the ones we take backwards, where one door closes & a window opens in it's place.

So no matter what part of the world you live in, try to take a bit of time each day to remember what you're thankful for, don't wait for the holiday to do it.
It is amazing just how many opportunities & joy come our way when we are grateful.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not by a long shot

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine whom I respect & admire deeply & it was something she said that I have to share with you.
This woman is amazing. Incredibly smart, business savvy, & one of the best mother's I know, an all around beautiful soul.

So imagine my surprise when discussing a possible break for her company in the form of some HUGE publicity, she said to me: "It's such a long shot". Now, knowing my friend, I understand that this was more of a protective mechanism incase it doesn't pan out & also just part of her very humble, down to earth personality as never one to boast, but it really got me thinking.

"It's such a long shot".

I wonder if SHE sees in her mirror; the person I see when I sit across from her, the person EVERYONE around her sees. Does she know that she is inspiring on so many levels & that the sky is her limit? That people in all walks of life look up to her & admire what she has accomplished & who she is? That her "long shot" will be a SURE SHOT if she believes it will be? Does she realize that this dream she has really is within her immediate reach? I hope she'll read this & knows it now.

Am I done telling her every single day that is not only a POSSIBILITY, but closer to REALITY than she knows.....
Not by a long shot :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great tip for Halloween!

Is it really OCTOBER tomorrow?! Wow.

Now that we have our kids settled into school, it's time to think about the upcoming holiday of Halloween (even though certain stores already have CHRISTMAS stuff out, good grief!).
Lucky for me, my kids are now at an age where they pretty much tell me what they want to be & it is usually the latest trend amongst kids their this year we have a Darth Vader & a Hannah Montana, like most of their classmates. Of course mine will be the cutest. Teehee.

The one thing that never gets easier for Halloween as the kids age (at least not yet) is the overwhleming amount of candy & what exactly is the best way to carry it all. Since it is usually about 15 below, snow on the ground & a dark, winter like night, it is always a struggle. Pillow cases are too big & hard to hold with mitten hands. Plastic bags have cheap handles & are a no-no with our eco-conscious kiddo's. And the hard plastic pumpkins with the black handles (you know the ones I am talking about!) hold about a handful of candy, if you can get your hand in there between the mitten holding it! ARGH!

Well, fret no more. One of our biggest Baby Rhys fans, Abbey, gave me the most obvious solution. OUR TRAVEL TOY BAGS of course! The bright colors show up great in the dark night, the fabric is sturdy & strong & best of all the clip will hook right onto the child's costume (or even Dad's belt loop, if he is still "carrying" the wee ones!). Now you'd THINK that as the Marketing Director for Baby Rhys, this solution would have been obvious to me, but THANK-YOU ABBEY, for saving me another frustrating year of candy collecting! (Of course the travel toy bags are good year round & have countless uses, so stock up!)

If you have any other cool "MacGuyver Mommy" tricks up your sleeve, with our products or anything on the market, let's hear them! Please email them to me to share with our readers, I don't have to post your name. I need all the help I can get!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things are looking up!

Oh September.
Did I mention how much I love the fall?! Regardless, it is worth repeating.

The kids are settled into their respective classrooms, I have a little bit of peace & quiet back, and there are just so many cool things happening with Baby Rhys Gear that it EXCITES me to get to work each day.

As the leaves on the trees begin to change, so does the economy. It no longer looks quite so bleak. With that shift comes a collective sigh of relief. Although still only a quiet hush right now, it is beginning to build momentum. And THAT is exciting.

If you didn't get a chance to read OUR exciting news from the summer, now is the time. Take just 5 minutes to read this power article by our president & CEO, Pam Liyanage to get your own insight to international relations, or just to share in the moment that Baby Rhys Adventure Gear & all of our staff is so thrilled about.

Click the link here & type page 52 in to the top left page finder:

Once again, we welcome your comments & feedback on the article itself or anything else pertaining to Baby Rhys Adventure Gear. You will ALWAYS get a real person :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ahhhhh....September at last

Fall is my favorite time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine & laziness of sleeping in, the BBQ's, the holidays & all the great things that come along with summer, but it really is tiring! I am a routine kind of gal, who likes a certain amount (ok A LOT!) of structure & order. Having 2 kids home for 9 weeks did not constitute much of either!

But now as the kids get settled into their new school year & I organize my daily task lists & get back to reality, I take a huge sigh of relief. I actually look forward to the leaves turning the beautiful colors of fall outside my office window & the crisp evening walks along the river.

So as the kids mourn the loss of another summer gone by, I will happily be crossing off each to-do, and adding 10 more, and look forward to all of the exciting developments at Baby Rhys this fall.
It's going to be a GREAT one :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Rhys: Making our mark internationally!

What an EXCITING summer this has been here at Baby Rhys!! In addition to the crazy non-routine of the summer; with holidays, moves & KIDS home from school for 2 months, the wheels have certainly not stopped turning where Baby Rhys is concerned. In fact, it has been our busiest summer to date & with good reason!

Our biggest & most exciting news is the NATIONAL RECOGNITION we received in an amazing article in the well known & popular magazine "The Mompreneur". You absolutely cannot miss this!!

Click the link here & type page 52 in to the top left page finder:

With all of our direct experience with international manufacturing & sales, it was so wonderful to be featured & interviewed by The Mompreneur magazine......and we know there will be much more positive press in the months & years to come, so stay tuned!

Happy Reading!
We would love to hear comments/feedback on the article or any aspect of Baby Rhys Adventure Gear. One of the best things about our company is that you will ALWAYS get a real person in your dealings with us, we take pride in that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here!

Well, it is about time! It seems like we just experienced the loooongest winter in history, followed by a non-existent spring & now maybe, just MAYBE, we have arrived at summer.

So, now that we wished for it, what are we going to do with it!?

The kids are done school in a couple of days, the sun is shining & we have some wonderfully exciting things happening with Baby Rhys! Now all we have to do is figure out the dynamics of doing an enormous amount of business during the summer months, with kids in tow!
Although it is always a delicate balance (or for most of us anything BUT delicate!) to juggle motherhood, life & business, the summer brings a whole new set of challenges & hurdles to overcome.

All of the things we have worked hard to accomplish over the never-ending winter is now starting to bear it's what I really need to do now is sit back for a few minutes, enjoy the fruit salad (and perhaps a glass of vino!) to figure out how to keep that balance running smoothly!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What's in a name?

Over the last several months, while searching & connecting on various social networking sites I have been thinking about how us mom-preneurs differ from other entrepreneurs. There are the obvious things, like how most of us are always juggling the kids between & around our business ventures, and how there is never enough time in the day. Most of us are also a "Jill of all trades" from accounting, creating, packaging, selling & attempting to run a thousand other facets of our company.

But one thing has stood out to me as unique & endearing in a way only a mother could understand. NAMES. No, not the names of our most precious cargo, our children, but of our businesses.
Take Baby Rhys for example, it was named after Pam's (our CEO) first born son. From the birth of her most incredible gift, to the beginning of another dream, Baby Rhys Adventure Gear has deep MEANING on many levels. It was aptly named since the idea for our funky yet practical line, was inspired by wee Rhys himself, after becoming a world traveller (with mom & dad of course!) at the early age of 9 months. And our success has much to do with the fact that the SAME passion that drives us as mother's, also drives the business.

So many moms are using this platform for naming their business. And why not?! What could possibly inspire greater success & make more dreams come true, than a name or likeness of our children. Some moms have found clever ways to use alliteration, rhyming words, or their child's favorite sayings, even nickname's......
It is unlike any other industry.
And just as we wear our heart on our sleeve as Mommy's, our businesses reflect that love & committment as well. Just one more great thing about being an entrepreneur who is always a mom first.
I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does Life get any better....

......than that of a true blue mompreneur?!

I would argue with those that disagree.

I have been home since my first child was born, which is now 7.5 years ago & although I have WORKED every moment of those years, I have truly had the best of all worlds. Challenging? For sure. Frustrating, crazy, insane, whirlwind? Of course. But also exciting, interesting, evolving, flexible & fun. My kids are just now understanding that I "work" & I think that is so neat. Because they have always been my number one priority, in their tiny minds they hadn't even realized that I have been "working" virtually all along.

My son once told me "I wish you had a cool job like a police officer or a bus driver like Haylie's parents" & was at first saddened that he didn't think MY job had that COOL factor. Then I realized he just didn't know that I HAD a job, other than being a Mommy. To me the fact that I am actually pulling off the difficult task of harmony between my roles so well that my kids are unaffected (even though I am frantic at times, thinking I am failing!) was an incredible feeling of accomplishment. When I explained to my son that I thought I had the coolest job of all, being a mommy AND working from home, and all the things that go along with that delicate balance, he soon understood the big picture.
Now that they are a bit older I have made both of my kids part of my work world; getting them to do small tasks to help out while still taking the time to truly enjoy the moments in our lives. I am proudly back on my son's "cool" list! And I think just as I learn from them everyday, my children are learning a great deal from this true blue mompreneur.

Now THIS is the life!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Opportunity in Economic downturn

It is everywhere we look, in the news, on the web, on our own streets as our neighbors are laid off & looking for work; the "economic crisis". We are inundated with the (bad) news on every level. So just the other day, I decided to turn it off & tune it out! It has worked wonders!

All it took was a mental shift in ATTITUDE. Instead of buying into the fear & getting eaten alive in the frenzy that has snowballed over the last 6 months (longer in many places), it was simply a matter of CHOOSING to be positive.

Let's look at some of the AMAZING things that happen in economic hardship.
Firstly, and most importantly, FAMILY. It has been YEARS since we as a society have connected & appreciated our family so much. For many it has been because of job loss, or pay cuts, or the cost of living, but in that very negative experience, we are back in the arms of those that love us most, our family & friends. We are talking more, sharing more, spending precious TIME together. Enjoy those moments & see it as a chance to gain your strength so that you are READY when the next great opportunity comes your way.

Secondly, for the savvy, this is a period of enormous opportunity for business. Because ,everything is not being handed to us on a silver platter, we are LEARNING, WORKING & connecting to others on a whole new level. It's back to basics in a new age sort of way. Social networking has opened the door again to things like meet & greets, exchanging contact lists, barter, helping one another......old school business practices that are proven successful. So while you have the time, TAKE THE TIME to build these relationships again & instead of focusing on the NEGATIVE of the current economy, shift to all the POSITIVE things happening around us. That kind of mental shift is CONTAGIOUS, trust me. In the last several months, while the "news world" reels about the recession, Baby Rhys has GROWN MORE, OPENED MORE DOORS & had MORE SUCCESS than ever before. And it is just the tip of our iceberg.

So no more will I commit to the "doom & gloom" or lose sleep over the FEAR-cession; there is opportunity RIGHT NOW, waiting for all of us! Baby Rhys is finding it.....are YOU?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Social Networking = Successful Business

I cannot count how many times in the last several weeks I have had the same conversation with friends/colleagues/clients, about this REVOLUTION we are experiencing called SOCIAL NETWORKING. Highly addictive, time consuming & all encompassing, but FREE. Above all else & most importantly, we are creating the relationships that small businesses from generations ago THRIVED on.....ALL THROUGH THE INTERNET. Now we are all comparable to the family run corner store in Smalltown, Anywhere; with repeat clients, growing & evolving businesses & a plethora of relationships to lean upon for advice.

Some may question the authenticity of these new "relationships"; how can we really KNOW if so & so will be true to their word, or if they are who they say they are. I can tell you that in my experience so far, I have not once had to question anyone's integrity & that is because I am sure of my own. I think in this crazy world, this new type of "doing business" is EXACTLY what we have been waiting for; a human connection, a link to all corners of the world & a sense of FRIENDSHIP FIRST. Build the relationships & you will build your business. PERIOD.

We are right on the money here. So kudos all the truly great people I have recently "met" on any one of several social networking sites, & especially the ones who have gone above & beyond to research something for me, open a door, offer advice, or simply say good morning, with a smile. Do I question the integrity of the "relationships" with these people who in some minds might be considered "strangers"?
Not for a moment. In fact, they would be welcome in my living room anytime.

So put yourself out there a bit, we are NOT all after the same thing, there is success for everyone who works for it. In helping one another, we are helping ourselves, tenfold. Add a friend today, or say hello to someone, start a conversation, or revisit an old connection that you've let run cold, this is what it is all about. And this is just the beginning!