Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great tip for Halloween!

Is it really OCTOBER tomorrow?! Wow.

Now that we have our kids settled into school, it's time to think about the upcoming holiday of Halloween (even though certain stores already have CHRISTMAS stuff out, good grief!).
Lucky for me, my kids are now at an age where they pretty much tell me what they want to be & it is usually the latest trend amongst kids their this year we have a Darth Vader & a Hannah Montana, like most of their classmates. Of course mine will be the cutest. Teehee.

The one thing that never gets easier for Halloween as the kids age (at least not yet) is the overwhleming amount of candy & what exactly is the best way to carry it all. Since it is usually about 15 below, snow on the ground & a dark, winter like night, it is always a struggle. Pillow cases are too big & hard to hold with mitten hands. Plastic bags have cheap handles & are a no-no with our eco-conscious kiddo's. And the hard plastic pumpkins with the black handles (you know the ones I am talking about!) hold about a handful of candy, if you can get your hand in there between the mitten holding it! ARGH!

Well, fret no more. One of our biggest Baby Rhys fans, Abbey, gave me the most obvious solution. OUR TRAVEL TOY BAGS of course! The bright colors show up great in the dark night, the fabric is sturdy & strong & best of all the clip will hook right onto the child's costume (or even Dad's belt loop, if he is still "carrying" the wee ones!). Now you'd THINK that as the Marketing Director for Baby Rhys, this solution would have been obvious to me, but THANK-YOU ABBEY, for saving me another frustrating year of candy collecting! (Of course the travel toy bags are good year round & have countless uses, so stock up!)

If you have any other cool "MacGuyver Mommy" tricks up your sleeve, with our products or anything on the market, let's hear them! Please email them to me to share with our readers, I don't have to post your name. I need all the help I can get!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things are looking up!

Oh September.
Did I mention how much I love the fall?! Regardless, it is worth repeating.

The kids are settled into their respective classrooms, I have a little bit of peace & quiet back, and there are just so many cool things happening with Baby Rhys Gear that it EXCITES me to get to work each day.

As the leaves on the trees begin to change, so does the economy. It no longer looks quite so bleak. With that shift comes a collective sigh of relief. Although still only a quiet hush right now, it is beginning to build momentum. And THAT is exciting.

If you didn't get a chance to read OUR exciting news from the summer, now is the time. Take just 5 minutes to read this power article by our president & CEO, Pam Liyanage to get your own insight to international relations, or just to share in the moment that Baby Rhys Adventure Gear & all of our staff is so thrilled about.

Click the link here & type page 52 in to the top left page finder:

Once again, we welcome your comments & feedback on the article itself or anything else pertaining to Baby Rhys Adventure Gear. You will ALWAYS get a real person :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ahhhhh....September at last

Fall is my favorite time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine & laziness of sleeping in, the BBQ's, the holidays & all the great things that come along with summer, but it really is tiring! I am a routine kind of gal, who likes a certain amount (ok A LOT!) of structure & order. Having 2 kids home for 9 weeks did not constitute much of either!

But now as the kids get settled into their new school year & I organize my daily task lists & get back to reality, I take a huge sigh of relief. I actually look forward to the leaves turning the beautiful colors of fall outside my office window & the crisp evening walks along the river.

So as the kids mourn the loss of another summer gone by, I will happily be crossing off each to-do, and adding 10 more, and look forward to all of the exciting developments at Baby Rhys this fall.
It's going to be a GREAT one :)