Monday, April 27, 2009

Opportunity in Economic downturn

It is everywhere we look, in the news, on the web, on our own streets as our neighbors are laid off & looking for work; the "economic crisis". We are inundated with the (bad) news on every level. So just the other day, I decided to turn it off & tune it out! It has worked wonders!

All it took was a mental shift in ATTITUDE. Instead of buying into the fear & getting eaten alive in the frenzy that has snowballed over the last 6 months (longer in many places), it was simply a matter of CHOOSING to be positive.

Let's look at some of the AMAZING things that happen in economic hardship.
Firstly, and most importantly, FAMILY. It has been YEARS since we as a society have connected & appreciated our family so much. For many it has been because of job loss, or pay cuts, or the cost of living, but in that very negative experience, we are back in the arms of those that love us most, our family & friends. We are talking more, sharing more, spending precious TIME together. Enjoy those moments & see it as a chance to gain your strength so that you are READY when the next great opportunity comes your way.

Secondly, for the savvy, this is a period of enormous opportunity for business. Because ,everything is not being handed to us on a silver platter, we are LEARNING, WORKING & connecting to others on a whole new level. It's back to basics in a new age sort of way. Social networking has opened the door again to things like meet & greets, exchanging contact lists, barter, helping one another......old school business practices that are proven successful. So while you have the time, TAKE THE TIME to build these relationships again & instead of focusing on the NEGATIVE of the current economy, shift to all the POSITIVE things happening around us. That kind of mental shift is CONTAGIOUS, trust me. In the last several months, while the "news world" reels about the recession, Baby Rhys has GROWN MORE, OPENED MORE DOORS & had MORE SUCCESS than ever before. And it is just the tip of our iceberg.

So no more will I commit to the "doom & gloom" or lose sleep over the FEAR-cession; there is opportunity RIGHT NOW, waiting for all of us! Baby Rhys is finding it.....are YOU?