Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year

Already 2 weeks into 2010; is it just me or does the clock have a habit of gaining speed the older that we get?! I remember when I was a child how a holiday could roll slowly by, the summers were endless & birthdays seem to hold an entire lifetime between them. No longer!

I am happy to welcome 2010; there seems to be many people that are feeling the same way. A new year is always exciting with the possibilities that lie before us & the pain or struggles we leave behind in the previous year. The world is hopefully moving forward from the tough financial woes of 2009 & there is a buzz of new energy in entering a new decade.

Back here, in our own smaller world, things are looking bright indeed!! Baby Rhys is continuing on some familiar paths & also embarking on some new adventures.
We continue to receive such positive feedback from Operation RHYSpirit & are thrilled to be making a difference in childrens lives across our country.
We have also created a brand new, fresh adventure piece; you simply MUST stay tuned to hear more about that! In the same great way we have intertwined function & practicality without sacrificing style, you will see us do it again with this new product!

So Happy New Year everyone! Seize the opportunities & make the best of each new day.

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